Monday, October 25, 2010

Blue Mask Live on T,V .

Goodnews ! sa lahat ng fans ng Maskman lalo na ang mga fans ni blue mask sa wakas mapapanood ulit sya sa isang live talk show after 23 para ipromote ang DVD ng maskman at para na rin makipagkuwentuhan at kulitan sa likod ng camera ng maskman happ y siguro ang makakapanood nyan

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bagyong Juan Binagyo si Juan

garbe ang baggyong si juan nas natindi pa kay Ondoy at basyang at talagang bobog sarado ang buong Luzon sa hagupit nya . hay! garbe talaga at mga estudyante pumasok pero pinauwi rin hay ! ang gulo .

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ang Pagbabalik ng mga 90's show

Muling magbabalik ang mga palabas noong 90's kung ganun pwede itod nyo na ang pagababalik ng mga palabas na ipinalabas noon at sana ibalik din ang mga pamabatang palabas na pinapanood naming mga batang 90's para naman maranasan namn ng mga bata ngayon .

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"ILUMINA" the local harry potter ng pinas

ILUMINA -isang fantaserye ng GMA kwento ito ng kambal na sina Romana at Krisanta dito kwento ng mga sorsera o mga mangkukulam ayaw nilang magpatawag ng mangkukulam kaya sorsera ang gustong itawag sa kanila sosyal! nagalalaban ang puti at itim na sorsera at ang gamit nilang weapon ay payong ,pamaypay at baston para syang lokal bersyon ng harry potter dahil may school din about sa magical power gabi-gabi ito sa telebabad ng GMA.

Mr and Mrs Pells lead star

Mike Amigorena- as Gonzalo/ Martin Pells
husband of sol and famous news anchor

Carla Peterson as - Sol Pells wife of martin pells and famous news anchor.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mr and Mrs Pells

Martin Pells (Mike Amigorena), an arrogant and manipulative man, is the most famous news presenter of the country. He has worked several years in the "Mega News" Channel, which allowed him to achieve public recognition of importance. Marcela Nunez (Mirta Busnelli), owner of the "M Noticias" (M News) channel, competitor of Mega News, knows that soon will end his contract with the channel, and secretly makes a job offer after some negotiations that Pells is determined to accept.

Martin tells his resolve to leave their work to the owner of Mega News, Franco Andrada (Hugo Arana), who despair at such a confession engages in a heated dispute with the journalist. In a moment of anger, Franco pushes Martin, who falls backward after hitting his head and was knocked unconscious. Scared and worried, believing that killed the country's most famous man, leaving care of the situation to his right hand, Amanda Wedell (Andrea Bonelli) and leaves the channel.

Coincidentally, during transit to his home, his car runs over Gonzalo Echagüe (Mike Amigorena), an actor and drama teacher physically very similar to Martin, who would supplant in exchange for a large sum of money. Gonzalo accepts, pressed for a second mortgage, and after signing a contract that neither he nor his manager had read, he begins to replace Pells.

Gonzalo, with his new life as Martin discovers that the Pells is a marriage only in front of cameras and the public, but in private are ignored and taken ill. Martin is gay and has a family with Thomas Andrada (Diego Ramos), son of the owner of the channel, while Sol Pells is having an affair with Diego Planes (Walter Quiroz), a chronicler of Mega News. Over time, Gonzalo falls for Sol and tries to approach her, but is rejected by his alleged wife who knows that Martin does not like women, because he himself confessed after they started to maintain a romantic relationship he had used for convenience order to move within the channel. But as Pells now feels no attraction to men (because of not being the real one), Sol will draw much attention as their relationship changes over time, being closer to her than Thomas.

With the help of Amanda, Gonzalo eventually discovers that his Pells similarity is not accidental, and that they are twins separated at birth. From that point takes more dedication to his role, as he considers its duty to protect the career of his brother while he is in a coma. In particular, he attempts to reverse the image of petty and selfish than others have of Pells in the channel.

For a while, Sol note these changes and falls for the advances of Gonzalo, as she ignores that he's not the real Pells. But several times he is frustrated by circumstances that make it appear as taking advantage or benefit, taking Sol to assume that this is the usual Pells and did not change. The situation changes when Sol discovers the existence of Gonzalo Echagüe, somehow related with Martin Pells: Gonzalo, in his role as Martin explains to Sol the sibling relationship that unites him with Gonzalo (referring to his real identity in the third person). As Martin, he tells Sol where to meet Gonzalo, and begins a relationship with her. He meets her using his real identity or using impersonal media (chat, phone) when characterized as Pells. Thus, both came to have sex, after which Sol (still ignoring the double identity of Gonzalo) confesses the true nature of her marriage with Martin Pells.

Later, Sol also confesses that Franco extort her to remain in the channel and hold the farce. After that Gonzalo tells the truth: he removes the false beard and long hair and explains he's really Gonzalo, required to represent the true Martín Pells, for being the true one in a coma. But Sol does not believe a word, and re-think that is Martin mocking her. The revelation is entitled unexpectedly by Marcela Nuñez, who discovers the true body of Pells in coma, but still does not understand the situation, begins to openly proclaim the same thing that Gonzalo had said, that he was not Pells, and that it is in coma. Sol, however, still questions the scenario due to the absence of solid evidence of Gonzalo's identity or whereabouts of the real Pells.

Marcela Nuñez, who initially was the director of a rival news channel, achieved through a strategy to obtain the majority of the shares of Mega News channel, becoming their new president. Franco Andrada seduces Marcela then, so he can marry her, and recover the shares after he died. For many episodes Franco or his aides organize various situations to kill Nunez, but she comes free from all. Her luck runs out when she is kidnapped in the parking lot of the channel, but then allied with her captor and finds Andrada maneuvers to try to kill her.

One of the first steps after Nuñez return is to request the dismissal of Amanda, to which Franco was forced to agree. Then enters a new star to the channel, Alex (Andrea Frigerio), which starts to compete with Sol, both in television role as in her relationship with Martin. Martin discovers that they are pregnant at the same time, but Alex loses her pregnancy after being hit by Amanda (who tried to run over Nuñez). Sol, still wary of Martin, says her pregnancy is not his but of Diego planes.

Using an experimental drug awakes the real Martin Pells, who suffers from partial amnesia: although he remember who he is, what is his work and the people he knows, he can not remember his determination to leave Mega News prior to the accident. But, as he still needs to be under medical observation, he does not return to his role in the newscast. Instead, Franco continues to maintain the secrecy and hiding the real Martin, whom he arranged meetings with Thomas. Although both are surprised by the things the other says (Martin does not know that someone replaces him on the news and ask obvious things, and Thomas ignores all the time the simulation and actions of the false Martin and talks about topics that the real does not understand), both are given excuses to explain the seemingly inconsistent behavior of the respective partner.

Gonzalo, who plays Martin, slowly realizes that the true Pells is awake and find the place where they hide him and confront him, but Martin is convinced that he saw a hallucination due to drugs. Gonzalo insists Sol about his situation and takes her to the place, and achieve closer distance when they see Martin. Sol see both ones and accepts Gonzalo is indeed the authentic Gonzalo and that she's not being deceived by Pells for a strange story.

From that point, the strategy would be to send Tomas Andrada and the real Martin to some distant country to marry and be happy, and Gonzalo remain with Sun to the public by pretending to be Martin Pells, as before. This plan was thwarted just before the departure of Martin, when he lights a TV and see Gonzalo in the news. They carry him back to the doctor, and he said that again fell into a coma.

Time passes, and Martin takes the appearance Gonzalo had before signing the contract with Franco, with a beard and long hair. Meanwhile, Gonzalo is extorted by Franco again to continue the charade of being Pells, and forbids him to be with Sol. So they decide to tell the truth on the news, but Amanda listens to his plan and he tells Franco.

They were about to speak, read from the Teleprompter he found a body in the river under the identity of Gonzalo Echagüe. Then he launches another plan: to tell the whole truth to Thomas. However, when he was going to criticize his father not telling the truth before, Franco said that "Martin has schizophrenia."

After the real Pells is detained in a hospital, Sergio rescues him and takes him to the Theater School, where he is attended by an old student of Gonzalo. At the time that his brother went to see Roberto (father of Sol) follows and knows the whole truth.

But Franco discovers his hiding place, takes the body and takes it to another place. There, a boy sees odd movements, and decides to investigate.

Gonzalo and Sol, desperate to get rid of Franco and his extortion, decided to seek a more powerful aid, and tell the whole truth to Marcela Nuñez. Then she helps them.

The boy who discovered Pells, meets Gonzalo and Sol, and they commented on the whereabouts of "Gonzalo Echagüe. Thanks to this, Roberto Nuñez and devise a plan to get into the farm where Martin is kidnapped. But when they come, was not there. Martin had awakened and escaped. Some time later, Gonzalo tells Martin the whole truth, and Franco captures the true Martin, and devise a plan to disappear Gonzalo. But Martin devises a plan with his brother to finally send Franco to prison through a hidden camera that takes Gonzalo. When Franco goes to a bar, admits that making a big scam by not being aware that Gonzalo has cameras to be transmitted in all the Sol-led newscast bringing the truth to light. Franco and Ricardo are imprisoned, along with Sol's father after confessing everything.

At the end of the program, Sol gives birth to her daughter, Roberta (named after his father), which makes a new life event in the media construct "successful Pells. Amanda, meanwhile, in the absence of incriminating documents, is free, and founded his own company news: "Wedell Channel, with plans Diego as the star of the channel, while Amanda tried to bring to your channel to Gonzalo.

Tomas Martin and move to an island paradise to live better, as they want and away from the cameras, there, Martin proposes marriage. Charly I leave the apartment where they had lived, and for the first time, he is the owner of your home. Nuñez is the owner of Mega News, and the "queen of the news, wiping out all its competition. Six months later, Daniela and Sergio twins.

"NARNIA" Best Movie for me

Lead Character Of NARNIA

William Moseley as Peter Pevensie one of the character and the oldest siblings of pevensie

Sophie Winkleman as Susan pevensie the eldest

skandar keynes as Edmund pevensie the 3rd siblings of pevensie and one of the king of narnia.

Georgie Hanly as Lucy Pevensie the youngest siblings of pevensie one of the queen of narnia

Aslan -a lion, is the true ruler of Narnia. He sacrifices himself to spare Edmund, but is resurrected in time to aid the citizens of Narnia and the Pevensie children in their battle against the White Witch and her minions.

white witch -s she is referred to by her Narnian subjects, is the land's self-proclaimed queen, tyrannizing all through her magic-imposed rule. Her spell on Narnia has made it "always winter but never Christmas" for a hundred years. When provoked, she turns opponents to stone by waving her wand.

Prince Caspian - the rightful Telmarine King, who becomes King of Narnia.

played by :Ben Barnes

The Chronicles of Narnia

s a series of seven fantasy novels for children written by C. S. Lewis. It is considered a classic of children's literature and is the author's best-known work, having sold over 100 million copies in 47 languages. Written by Lewis between 1939 [1] and 1954, illustrated by Pauline Baynes and published in London between October 1950 and March 1956, The Chronicles of Narnia has been adapted several times, complete or in part, for radio, television, stage, and cinema. In addition to numerous traditional Christian themes, the series borrows characters and ideas from Greek and Roman mythology, as well as from traditional British and Irish fairy tales.

The Chronicles of Narnia presents the adventures of children who play central roles in the unfolding history of the fictional realm of Narnia, a place where animals talk, magic is common, and good battles evil. Each of the books (with the exception of The Horse and His Boy) features as its protagonists children from our world who are magically transported to Narnia, where they are called upon to help the Lion Aslan save Narnia.

The name of the series, The Chronicles of Narnia, was suggested by Roger Lancelyn Green in the beginning of March 1951, after he had read and discussed with C.S. Lewis his just completed "The Silver Chair" (then called Night under Narnia).

for me best movie sya para sa akin may aral at mas madaling maintindihan ang story keysa harry potter at lord of the rings sana maganda yung part 3 and 4.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

my imortal one

imortal starring angel locsin and john lloyd cruz bali part 2 sya ng lobo nina piolo and angel 2 yrs ago sa monday na ang start nito abangan ko ito andito si rico blanco eh .